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SU3023 is a multidisciplinary art exhibition with work by artists from Serbia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, and N.Macedonia. The exhibition is the culmination of the work we have created during the span of the 2-week long “Tendril Residency” in Struga. This project aims to engage international artists with the local landscape, community and build a network of ideas through collaborative brainstorming workshops, activities, readings, and lectures.

This exhibition is a durational event, where the work will develop during the opening hours. The exhibition will include performance, audience interaction, drawing, animation, video, sound, a virtual reality environment, and sculpture/installation work. The themes of the exhibition developed from those explored during the residency, including imagining Struga 1000 years in the future, questioning the interaction of technology or man-made interventions with ecology or natural landscape, the role of the audience and perspective in art, and the role of the body in maneuvering around a continual piling up of objects in space. 

Artists ;

Alex Close 

Carlos Alejandro

Hristijan Toman

Nemanja Boskovic

Jelena Mijic

Nour Hassan

Viktorija Ornithopterapriamusposeidon

Milko Nestoroski


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